Thursday, September 12, 2013

tips for single males

Single men; divorced, widowed, jilted or just unmarried have problems with fitted sheets. I did until I created Lock’s law.....mark the tops of both sheets for easy bed making.
Another tip guys....make sure that the printed sides of both sheets face inward.  Could be embarrassing if a female visitor checked out the bed.

If you have an induction hotplate in your kitchen (as I do) don’t put a pot on the hotplate on high and turn around to scratch yourself (as I did) because inevitably (and instantly) it will boil over and cause you to have a big cleanup.

Regularly clean light switches and sink taps to remove cooking detritus.

Sharpen up blokes!   

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Anonymous said...

Kev, Just get two small dogs that keep getting under underfoot and you keep talking non stop, as I do and people won't notice light switches etc, Anyway who cares? Don't sweat the small stuff....Marg