Thursday, September 5, 2013

Year 10 Science Cecil Andrews High School

I had a FaceBook contact with an ex-student of mine, Dynese.  I taught her in 1989 at Cecil Andrews Senior High School.    She was in a couple of my classes at that school and made my time there tolerable.   I was only at the school for a year before I took Long Service Leave at half pay for 12 months.

The school was not like a previous school I had worked at, it had a different clientele, not generally happy about education and prone to a bit of classroom disruption.  This was offset by some students who were interested in what was being taught.  Sort of like Welcome Back Kotter with a few of the niceties.   After a year and a fair bit of innovative teaching I think we all came out of it OK.

Here is a photo I took of my Year 10 science class.  Dynese is there....not a great shot of her, and I won’t point her out in the photo.  There are a lot of stories about that group which would be 
movie material.  Love to have a class reunion before I croak it.

                                                    Click the photo to enlarge

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