Thursday, September 26, 2013

Enlarged Pancreas

Our son Martin is having a bad time.  He returned home from work with pains just below his sternum.  I figured it was gastric reflux, but none of the proprietary medicines we have here calmed it down.  The next day he attended his GP and later in the day had a blood test and an ultrasound.  Results showed a 12mm stone in his Gall Bladder and an enlarged Pancreas.

The GP told him that many people exist comfortably with such a stone and removing the Gall Bladder would only be necessary if an infection arose.  The GP suggested that Martin ‘watch’ the enlarged Pancreas. No dietary suggestions??   I have urged Martin to ask her exactly what she meant by ‘watch’.

I have just consulted Dr Google in the form of Web MD.  It seems that the most probable reason for enlarged Pancreas is Gallstones.  So there!

This morning he is feeling a bit better.  His employer is not too happy about the number of sick days Martin has had.  We, Martin and I,  both feel that he needs time to get better and if that doesn’t suit his boss then he should perhaps quit and seek work when he is better.

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Anonymous said...

Kev. Martin is having a bad run with his health. As if he can help having gall stones,. Perhaps he could find a job with a more understanding boss. Hope he recovers soon. Marg