Thursday, September 19, 2013

Blue Jasmine

Yesterday, we, Joy, Margaret and I went to the cinema to see Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine, a tale of self-destruction. 

  Cate Blanchett must be up for an Oscar for her tortured performance.  Alec Baldwin and the other cast members were also great, but Cate looks to me like the new Meryl Streep.

This movie was a little different to the usual Woody movie, but has the same mix of characters as most of his other movies.   Woody has made many wonderful, funny, crazy movies and some serious movies which could be called tragedies without happy ending.  The Purple Rose of Cairo is one which comes to mind.

Being a Woody fan from way back I took a while to fully appreciate this very good movie.  Go see it.

More info about the movie here.

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Richard said...

WE are regular movie goers, Kevin, seeing between 30-35 films a year.
Not just at home in Bendigo's little Star cinema arthouse (situated in an old, now not needed Town Hall building) but also at the Nova in Carlton [Melb.] and at the Keno in the city.
But definitely NO sci-if, fantasy or similar. So no Lords of the Ring crap, or Harry Potter.
Last 2 we saw were Geoffrey Rush in The Best Offer. He's a glove-wearing art and fine furniture dealer.
Also The Rocket about a family from the northern mountains of Lao. Very touching.