Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cortisone injection

Yesterday our son Martin had an X-ray directed injection of cortisone into one side of his hips.  For some reason the other side will be done in another week.

He has had around a month of severe pain causing a lack of sleep and shades of the black dog.   In the morning of the procedure he expressed concern that there was a real possibility that he would experience serious side effects and several people he knows who have had the same procedure suggested that it did no good whatsoever.

I urged him to go ahead with the procedure and pointed out several friends who have had good results.  I dropped him off at the medical centre and when I collected him he was quite unhappy about the whole thing.  By the time we arrived at his unit he was feeling good and this morning he is amazed at the results.   He is looking forward to the second treatment next week.

The medical centre bulk-bills patients and the procedure cost him/me nothing.  Australia does have a very good medicare system.   The federal government is thinking about charging a $5 upfront fee for all bulk-billing practitioners.  We can handle that!
                                                             click to enlarge

                         A scan of the X-rays.  The straight lines are the needles.


Anonymous said...

Kev It's great news that the injection worked. It is a pity that he had to go through so much pain, I wonder how long does the cortizone work for before the pain starts again.Can they keep giving him the injections as long as he is in pain? Marg

Kev said...


not sure how long the relief lasts and I guess it would depend on the individual's problem.

Ava Lucanus said...

Can you please tell me the name the radiologist that did the procedure? I have to get it done and gave been looking at Dr Amaresh at that clinic but he's away for a couple of weeks. Appreciate your help.