Sunday, January 19, 2014

Days of old

Hands up if you have received an email outlining the wonderful things about the 1950s?           You didn’t really have to put your hand up.

Yesterday I tested the premise that it was a much safer time back then by leaving my garage door up and the car unlocked as well as not locking the door into the house from the garage....nothing was stolen, damaged or broken into.  Of course it wasn’t a planned just happened because I fell asleep in a lounge chair early in the evening.

The suburb our house is in, is reasonably safe. It goes without saying that the more expensive the area is to buy into, the less problems one seems to have.  Living in a cul de sac also affords a bit of security.  Living near a laneway or a block of units is a bit of a worry.   Our suburb, Bibra Lake ..St Paul’s Estate, (St Paul doesn’t live here anymore), doesn’t have any blocks of units.   Nuff said!

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