Saturday, January 25, 2014

Pub crawl in Fremantle

This morning I drove to Margaret’s house to collect some tadpoles.  They will metamorphose into Motorbike FrogsI gave them to my daughter Helen who has put them into a very large pot housing a water plant.   We have had motorbike frogs before and they can be a bit annoying sometimes as they sound like local kids on unlicenced motorcycles racing through bush and parks.  Their real name is Annoyingus.youthos.w.a.    Just kidding, they are really Litoria moorei.   See here.

Yesterday Helen and James invited me into Fremantle for lunch and a few drinks at three (or was it four) hotels.  First stop was the National Hotel recently opened after a lengthy renovation.  Lovely building and fine verandahs to look down on the peasants from.  
                                    The National during a major renovation

We ate there and it was  cheap, but a bit ho-hum.  I rarely drink at a hotel or bar and I was a bit shocked at the prices of three pints of ale....$36!   That is just short of a carton at the bottle shop.  Let’s each way to and from Fremantle around $60,  food and drinks?   Not for the unemployed!  We ended up having two meals; the second one at Sandrinos was a seafood platter.  I pulled up OK this morning.

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