Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year's Eve

2014.  My NY resolution is to get fit again.    We’ll see.

My garden fly trap is working well.  Flies seem to be very smart creatures.  They are hard to swat and know when you are distracted by carrying something in both hands to attempt a inner-nose landing.
  The putrid smell of a fly trap however, causes them to lose all sense of caution.  Flies walk around the holes in the lid of my trap and must think that they will be able to go in and get out even though their mates are dead by the hundreds inside.

A group of friends gathered at my place to see in the New Year at Sydney time.  None of us felt like waiting for midnight W.A. time.  It was a good evening and we were not bothered by flies or mosquitoes.  I had fogged the greenery for resident mosquitoes and the fly trap must had decimated the local fly population. Flies are not really a problem after dusk.


Anonymous said...

kev, We all had a great time, The food you prepared was impressive, The stories and jokes kept coming and how lucky are we to all be there for each other. What happened to the group photo? What bait do you use for fruit fly, Prawn heads are useless. Marg

Kev said...

The bait is prawn heads, but the best smell comes from the hundreds of dead flies.


Richard said...

NAH you've gotta see in the New Year in ur own time zone, Kev.
Biggest night of the year, bar none, so even at our advanced age you must stay on till the clock strikes midnight. By my judgment you were cutting short NYE in l'il ol' Perth by a good 2 hours.
So you were waving streamers and giving hugs all round at 10 pm, local time.
No sirree. At our daughter's place we could see the 9.30 City of Maribyrnong fireworks for children and families.
Then at mid nite plus 1, maybe 5, seconds off went all the night time illuminations over the City of Melbourne.
We stayed partying till 1 a.m. As I sed .... Biggest night of the year.