Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pastel Wrasse

Daughter Helen and husband James have a large saltwater indoor fish tank.  One of the larger fish, a Pastel Wrasse, has determined that he/she is going to be the boss of the tank.  Wrassey has already killed 7 other fish and is determined to knock off the remaining Yellow Hooded Goby.  The Goby has a safe retreat too small for the Wrass to get into and so far, is a survivor.  Although the Wrasse is acting like a White Pointer, Helen and James still like it and will probably get another smaller tank for it.   Maybe the Wrasse will look over at the large tank and see Mr Goby happily swimming free?

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Pastel Wrasse

                                                         Cautious Goby

                                     Wrasse patrol past Mr Goby's hideout

The Goby is a sand-sifter and it can be seen drawing in sand and straining it for food before blowing the residue out through its gills.

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