Monday, January 27, 2014

Triple J

Yesterday, Australia Day, I was invited to Helen and James’ place for what I thought was an Australia Day party.  
There were five guests and we had a splendid BBQ lunch with Helen’s wonderful salads.

Instead of the usual background music, the radio was tuned to Triple J, the Australian Broadcasting Commission’s Youth Channel.  Everyone except me was discussing the merits of songs and artists being played and where they would end up in the final countdown to the best artist of 2013. 
   Apparently all over Australia and indeed the world, people were voting on their choice.  Every time I introduced a topic into the conversation it fell flat.  I had no idea that this was just one of 5,000+ listening parties across the nation.

Triple J says that 173,658 people voted from 169 countries.  
The winner....Vance Joy beat Kiwi star Lorde to top Triple J’s ‘hottest 100 for 2013’.

Not very perceptive Kev!

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Anonymous said...

Kev, I've never heard of Vance or the other person or the competition for that matter . But then I don't listen to Triple J ,,,,,I spent the day pulling out weeds and even forgot to look at the fireworks on TV if it was broadcast. I couldn't help but wonder at the cost of all these fireworks all over the country and how that money would have helped the homeless and the families whose fathers are out of work. Better ways to celebrate the landing, I'm getting very old and sour, Marg