Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bali is still good

Thursday in Bali and we are still getting along fine.  Val and I have never spent so much time together before. We have done the family histories....’remember when you...’ etc etc.  At our age, almost all our recollections are prefaced with ‘I don’t know whether I have told you this before?’   Both of us pretend that we haven’t heard the story before, even when we have.

Yesterday we cabbed it to Legian.  Quite a trip in very heavy traffic with trucks, buses and thousands of motorcycles weaving through larger vehicles.  Some of the bikes carried a family on board.....Dad, mum and kid(s).    No matter how frustrating the congestion was we never saw a single person exhibiting road rage.  We did see a first in all the times I have visited Bali; a minor road accident when a young woman was knocked off her bike by a truck.  She was helped up and was limping, but it didn’t look too serious.  I doubt there is anything like we would experience in Australia...police attendance, statements taken and insurance claims.

Legian is s major low level commercial centre with thousands of roadside stalls selling everything imaginable, from sunglasses to suits with touts for the stalls trying to coax you inside.  Sanur, where we are staying is much less commercial with the tourists here being ‘more mature’ in age.

Whilst we were having a drink in a roadside bar a fellow tried to sell us Australian newspapers.  When that didn’t work he flashed me packets of Viagra and Cialus.  He wouldn’t take no for an answer and continued to demonstrate with a vertical arm how they worked.  It was almost impossible to convince him that neither tablet would be of any use to me. 

Today we are off to our local supermarket to buy items requested by my offspring...knockoff sunglasses, movies etc. Movies sell for A$1 each and you can play them at the shop to verify they are not shot in a movie theatre with a hand-held camera.  I will also have a haircut by a gal who looks like a Bangkok mangirl  (is that the correct term?);  at $4.00 Au.

Lat night instead of heading up to the main drag for dinner we tried out a small restaurant a few metres from our hotel.  Good food at the right price in a nice clean setting!  The menu had a bit of class with one item being 'Gordon Blue'.

Checking my mail last night I found that my friend Joy had sent Tuesday's weather report from home in Perth.   Whilst  Bali doesn't get to 41 celcius, Perth doesn't have the oppressive humidity levels of wet-season Bali.

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Anonymous said...

Kev, If you have the time go to the Bata Jimba cafe, It's in the main road just before you get to Hardy's on the opposite side if the road quite near where you are staying. Great food. Had's favourite cafe. The Indus Restaurant in Ubud is great. It looks out over a ravine.You sound as if you are finding good places anyway, The weather is so lovely and warm here.......Love to Val and you Marg.