Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Past my 'Use By' date?

It would seem that I have reached my ‘Use By’ date. Today at the local pharmacy the checkout woman (maybe in her late 50s or older) pointed out that the paper bag containing my medications was fastened with a label upon which was my name and address.  ‘To make sure nothing falls out and your address will be helpful if you get lost’.    I know she was only joking.... but. 

  And yesterday I had to call a dentist and give my age and phone number, and the operator said..’I suppose you don’t have a mobile No.?’ Even past my Best-Before date I can still use an iPhone.

I am having my teeth descaled this morning.  I don’t have many teeth left, but guess the process is going to cost plenty.  The last time I had them done at the same dentist, the young Indian dentist was trying for the Guiness Book of records for the fastest descale in the world.  Must have taken 4 minutes!

Fluoridation of the water supply has saved many teeth over the last 50 years, but decay is creeping back and some attribute that to people drinking bottled water not containing flouride, and in an incredible move, the Queensland state government has legislated to allow local government councils to decide if their constituents should have flouridation of their water.  I don’t really see how individual council areas could control what goes or doesn’t go into the water delivered to their boundaries.

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