Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Five days to Bali

Yesterday morning I had a phone call from daughter Helen en route to her workplace. She told me she had left her lunch on the table at home and suggested that I collect it and have it for my lunch.  When I asked her what it was I decided that it was deserved of a drive to her workplace.  I collected it and had a pleasant 30 minute drive to deliver it to its creator. And it was indeed a creation....Thai Beef Salad:  beef marinated with chilli, coriander, soy, garlic, fish sauce and lime juice. The salad was a full on affair too.  

Only five days until we depart for a week in Bali.  Our plane leaves Perth international Airport at 7.50am and we have decided not to park my car in the sun at the long term parking station, but I will drive to cousin Val’s place, park the car and her granddaughter will drive us to the airport.  We can get a cab back to Val’s house upon our return.  Another plan we had considered, was for me to drive to Val’s; park the car and order a cab.  There are many stories about cabs turning up late and we didn’t want that.  Recently the W.A. Taxi Board has placed a $9. fee on ordered cabs to ensure there is incentive for drivers to arrive on time when a cab is pre-ordered.  Still sounded dodgy and the grandaughter chauffeur is the best idea we have had so far.   Hope she doesn’t go partying and forget us early Sunday morning.


Richard said...

GOOD decision, Kevin

Our son-in-law and family parked their car in Melbourne's long-term car park last month.

Upon arrival back from Sydney 6 days later -- no number plates on said vehicle.

Roosters staffing the check-out booth refused to waive parking fees, despite the theft of the plates

Bernie said...

I am so excited for you going to Bali, one of the first movies I saw was South Pacific and have always longed to see this beautiful country. Wishing you both much fun and enjoyment...big hugs