Saturday, February 23, 2013

Psychiatric silliness

Monday the 25th  is the second anniversary of my wife Joan’s death.   Somehow ‘anniversary’ seems like the wrong word?

The American Psychiatric Association's new diagnostic manual, DSM 5, which is used in many countries including Australia and New Zealand, suggests that if a person grieves over a partner’s death for more than two weeks, he/she could be told that they have a mental disorder and prescribed anti-depressant drugs.    Bonus for the pharmaceutical companies!  DSM 5 is out in May this year.

I would, according to that document, be severely depressed because I still, after 2 years, have a few tears when I think of my 46 years with Joan.

       Joan, when we met, teaching at Bridgetown High School in 1965

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Anonymous said...

kev, that is a beautiful photo of Joan and I don't think you will ever stop grieving for Joan after all those years together, Believe me it doesn't get any easier. I miss Had just as much now as when he died. Today a man rang me and said he was trying to trace a Haddon Rudkin; and I said"He 's not here at the moment"....Then I had to say he was dead. I"m going to have to ring him back. I don't know him, Must be a relative or god father, I don't know, Marg