Sunday, February 3, 2013

Red cars go faster

We all know that red cars go faster.  The colour of a car seems to be very significant to journalists as well as drivers.  I must do some research to see if the colour of a vehicle matches the circumstances.  This is a snippet from a news article is from yesterday’s news online......’The men were in a blue Commodore travelling east on Morley Drive.’  

Tomorrow is Parents’ Relief Day when kids return to school in Western Australia.  Shopkeepers too are greatly relieved at the return of the nuisance shoplifters to their place of education.   Our daughter Helen is back at her previous school in a southern suburb which has a dubious clientele.  I cannot divulge any of the problems she encounters with pupils and parents, but the Education Department acknowledges the problem and pays each teacher a nominal sum of $50.00 per week extra for their efforts in coping in a Hard to Staff School.


Anonymous said...

Kev, speaking of colour, I saw a show on TV the other night about a remote tribe in the Amazon that didn't have any words to describe colour or numbers, Not that any of them owned a car or had seen a car, They had been living in isolation until a missionary from Canada stumbled on them. They lived in the present and didn't have any words to describe Yesterday or the past, Interesting show, Marg

Bernie said...

My dream has always been to own a red 67 Mustang.....:-)