Sunday, February 10, 2013

Steamy Bali

Well, here we are in Bali.   The hotel certainly isn’t like the web photos, but it is basically OK,   The humidity is very high and we will forgo any walks and instead take taxis everywhere we go.   Within the Sanur area (read oldies side) a taxi to just about anywhere is no more than $2.
We, and me in particular, had a passport/document overload.  In Perth Airport we filled in departure documents with needed birthdates, passport numbers, expiry and all the other stuff which has to be filled in before progressing to the Customs area.  I must look like a terrorist as I was selected for special treatment walking through a metal detector and then a full body X-ray.  I was shown the result of the X-ray  and I explained that the shoulder positives were from titanium screws from a shoulder injury I had. I couldn’t explain the positive in my groin area  and remembered that years ago a friend had called me ‘needle d***. Maybe he was right??    My bags, along with everyone else’s were X-rayed and I was pulled aside and my carry-on bag was again X-rayed.  I lost a small pair of nail scissors, a roll-on deodorant and a small can of foam shaving cream.  The customs bloke apologised when I asked him what I would now remove my nose hair with.
On the plane en route to Denpasar another two documents had to be filled out asking some different questions.  In Denpasar airport we purchased our visa @ US$25  and went through the baggage check again.    I am going to buy a girlie purse to hold my passport and documents to save opening my carry-on case 15 times during the return trip.
Once at the hotel we unpacked in our respective rooms and I found the aircon was not working.  Luckily, because it is the off season, there were plenty of vacant rooms and they let me go try the aircon in several rooms until was satisfied that I was not going to be broiled overnight.  All is well and cousin Val and I are happy with our accommodation.

We had a lovely lunch in a bar and this evening dinner at a familiar restaurant.

I forgot to pack a camera cord and will have to buy one before I can post any photos here.

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Anonymous said...

Kev, So pleased to hearthat you and Val arrived safely. I always receive the dusting off for explosives and the airport have about 50 pairs of my scissors and I always have to go through the x ray machine over and over because my shoes set it off. As far as filling in forms where is your darling Joan ?? Your were looked after by her.. Enjoy Bali. Have a drink at the Besakhi with Val andsus it out. Joy and I might go there. It's 41 today.Marg