Saturday, February 16, 2013

Last full day in Bali

Penultimate day in Bali and we are ready to go home. Yesterday was not the best day we have spent here.  We travelled to Uluwatu to visit the temple on a cliff over the ocean.  The drive afforded plenty of interesting sights as we travelled through rice fields and minor towns and a couple of rural cities, however when we arrived at Uluwatu the scene was entirely different to when Helen James and I visited over a year ago.  Instead of just a couple of stores and a restaurant, now there are hundreds of stores selling all manner of tacky souvenirs.  What was an interesting site with its own miscreant monkeys is now like a showground fair. 

In the evening we took a cab at the exorbitant price of 20,000Rupiah (about A$2) to a nice restaurant we had previously eaten at.  On my last trip to Bali with daughter Helen and son-in-law James we had a couple of nice meals there.   We sat at a table the waiter took our order and before we had time to do anything our order of Nasi Campur was served.  We should have realised that there was no way that the platter could be arranged with hot portions, condiments and salads in that short time.  They were obviously platters left over from lunch and everything was cold.  We couldn’t finish our serves and I regret that I didn’t at least tell them that it wasn’t their usual standard.

At lunchtime today we are off to Legian to collect Val’s tailored clothes and a pair of lounge-about trousers I am having shortened (as I always have to do when I buy trousers).
The driver will drop us off at Hardy’s on the way back and Val is to have a manicure and I will have the full heavyweight foot massage.

Tomorrow we are being collected at 5pm for a transfer to the airport.  Checkout is mid day and we are paying an extra A$15 to keep Val’s room for us to rest before being driven to the airport.  Arriving in Perth at approx. Midnight and we will cab it to Val’s house where my car is parked.  Looking forward to sleeping in my own bed.

A few random pics.

         Cleaning staff.
                                    Mobile general store
               The big Lobster; once described as a cockroach on steroids
                          Not too many power outlets in our rooms.

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Anonymous said...

Kev, At least the rooms look clean and you do get what y ou pay for.It's still scorching hot here andthe garden is half dead. You sound as if you had a good holiday but there is no place like home, We are all looking forward to seeing you. Love to Val. Marg