Thursday, May 8, 2014


I received a small bonus in yesterday’s mail.  The Office of State Revenue wrote to me enclosing a cheque for $629.75.    Unfortunately it was my own money and it seems that I had done an electronic transfer and  pressed the send button twice.  It is nice to know that someone in there didn’t just pocket my mistake.

I am collecting family photos from various places around the house and on computers and in other most unlikely places.   A cousin who lives near Albany in the south of this state is doing a pictorial family history.

Whilst rummaging for photos I found a shot I took at a sports day at Willetton Senior High School where I had a most pleasant 13 years.  These ‘kids’ are now probably around the mid 30s with kids at high school or beyond.    Willetton SHS is this state’s largest high school and in the time I taught there it was a pure pleasure to have been able to teach many students like these.  I have taught at a few rough schools.

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