Friday, May 2, 2014


Yesterday I visited a couple of local OpShops.  I was looking for some casual trousers size 34” with a short leg.  Most new casual trousers have huge amounts of fabric around the legs...enough to make a second pair of shorts.  I found some which seemed perfect, but when I tried them on at home they were about 3” short.    Not sure if they meet the young ones’ criteria of short longungs or long shorts.   I guess they will be for around the house dress.

Whilst I was in recycle land I saw a few videos and I bought four @ $2. each.  One of them was Sleepless in Seattle.  Loved it!    I had seen it before.   Where has that darling Meg Ryan gone?  I can’t remember her in anything else after that movie.

Back to the trousers problem. At 74+ I have tried to wear bracers to support my Tushless body.  I can’t do that and so it is either a constant trouser haul to keep my duds up or a belt tightening that is most uncomfortable.

Update on Meg Ryan.

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