Friday, May 16, 2014

What are we doing here?

Thursday evening cousin Val drove down to my place to spend a night and catch upon family news.     Val is a little older than me, and we are good friends.  During WW2 we were thrust together in Fremantle where both of our fathers were ‘manpowered’ as tradesmen for the war effort  My father and uncle worked in Fremantle Harbour which was an important submarine base during the war.
We lived as a two family unit in several houses during the war and I have many memories of that time.     Val married and had a family as I did, and it is just recently that we as widow/widower have spent time together.

                                        Val looking after Kev circa 1940

Last year we had a nice holiday in Bali.

Today we were talking about our time on this place and what we are doing here.   My dear wife Joan has gone and I have wondered what the hell I am here for?    I am lonely and although I have good friends, children and many ex students who keep in touch, I have thought that I am wasting  space. Cousin Val thinks the same way.

And so, tonight I rang Val and said that I would book an nice villa in Bali away from the madding crowds and we should get on a plane and have a week there.  Without hesitation she agreed.   That seems a better option than worrying about what we are here for.

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