Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Budget

The Australian Federal Budget has been released and checked out by all and sundry.   It has, by and large, been panned by both those who know what they are talking about and the rest of us too.

The new government has told the citizenry that we all must help clear up the huge debt left by the previous Labor government.   Did we know that was coming?  
The high income people are being told that they too must help out with a high-earners tax called the Temporary Budget Repair Levy.  Poor buggers!  A person earning $200,000 pa will be up for an additional tax of $400.  Doesn’t sound too taxing to me!

The government has also decided that high earning female employees will get a Maternity Leave Allowance of $50.000 for adding another privileged child to the population.

                                                   Click the pic to enlarge

Youth unemployed are going to have 6 months to find a job before being eligible for the dole.  I guess that is to get all the surfies, graffiti ‘artists’ and scateboarders to actually look for work.

It is estimated that the budget will cost me around $380 per year.  I can wear that.

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