Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Souvenir tea towels

Some weeks ago I found a stash of souvenir tea towels in a drawer...around 15 in all.  I was certain my late wife Joan would not have collected them and realised that they most probably came from my mother’s house.  After retirement mother and dad did a number of overseas trips and usually collected souvenirs from places they had visited.  They visited us in Papua New Guinea around 1973, but I didn’t find any tea towels from there in the stash.

The tea towels were never brought into use....a bit embarrassing actually!  

I gave half of them to daughter Helen and the rest I ran them through the washing machine today and hung them under cover because of rain.     Looking at them again I think I will unpeg them and turn them around....don’t want any neighbours looking over the fence and seeing them.

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Anonymous said...

kev, I think those tea towels could be a collectors treasure. Probably worth a mint. Good idea to go to Bali. At least the weather would be good and the food. I'm going in July again. It is quite cool then and windy, but Bali is always beautiful. Marg