Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Ruby and Rosie

last night daughter Helen visited with Ruby and Rosie.   I looked after Rosie whilst Helen took Ruby to a Vet to have a damaged toenail removed from her foot.  Rosie didn’t know what was going on and searched my house thoroughly looking for her mate.  When Helen brought Ruby back she was wearing a collar and bandaged paw.  The vet also supplied a plastic sock to protect the bandage when Ruby needed to ‘be quick’...toilet stuff.

Rosie was intrigued by the large plastic collar and commented with a few growls as if she thought it was a different dog in the house.     Helen has gone to work this morning and James is at work on site at a gold mine, so I will go to their house and put the sock on Ruby’s paw so that she can ‘be quick’ in their back yard.

Helen brought around a nice curry which we demolished whilst watching one of the several cooking shows on TV.

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