Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tree Loppers

Over the back fence of my house there was a large dead eucalyptus tree which Crows (Ravens) would gather to await my offerings of scraps of meat etc.    The tree was large, probably  50ft high and I don’t know what could have killed it off, but today a tree-lopping team came in to remove it and another smaller Banksia tree which had also died.   They were cut down and run through  a massive grinder thing and made into wood chips.   
It reminded me of a horrific accident which occurred a couple of years ago when a young member of a tree lopping firm was caught up by a branch and dragged into a similar machine and before it could be shut down was horribly killed.

The Crows would arrive early in the morning and make a lot of loud demands for food and repeat the process in the late afternoon.  I wonder what they made of their roost suddenly disappearing.

Yesterday I had a welfare young lady bring one of her clients to collect a Mac and a nice printer, scanner,copier.  The client is from Sudan and couldn’t speak English too well and at the age of around 16 has a young baby.  It seems that her parents have abandoned her and she is fortunate to have assistance from this welfare group.  She thanked me profusely and in broken English told me that I was her father.  Hope I don’t have to pay for any wedding in the future.


Melva Ullman said...
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Melva Ullman said...

That's so interesting. I wonder if the trees were already that old or something else killed them off. Do you remember any lightning storms that could've struck them and did the damage? By the way, that is definitely a horrific accident and it must've been traumatic for you. I hope you never have to go through anything similar again. Thank you for such a great read. Have a good day!

Melva Ullman @ MPDT