Monday, May 5, 2014


Last night I watched a TV program about the Eider ducks.  I confess that I didn’t know their association with the name of the Eiderdown quilt.  It showed indigenous people in the arctic harvesting the down from the Eider duck’s nest and using it to make padded jackets and quilts.
The word eiderdown is not in common use these days and more common is the quilt or Doona.  Oldies would probably use eiderdown to describe a doona. Info on Eider Ducks

Another bit of information I picked up from TV last night is that New Zealand has a diesel fuel tax; not on the price of the diesel, but on the number of kilometres driven by owners of diesel fuelled cars, utility vehicles and small trucks.  It is incumbent on the owners of such vehicles to pay regularly for the kilometres driven.   Must be difficult to police?

In Australia, diesel fuel is always more expensive than petrol, and diesel vehicles cost more to purchase.  The extra fuel economy is, in my opinion, cancelled out by the price of the fuel and the vehicle.


Elizabeth Bartley said...

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