Tuesday, March 25, 2008

At last a win

I had a phone call this morning telling me that I had won a multi-purpose Brother printer/scanner/copier.

When I bought a refilled laser printer cartridge from Cartridge World I was asked if I wanted to be in the draw for a prize. The big prize was a Smart Car...one of those babies that look like they have been squashed between a bus and a truck. Would have been nice, but the printer is nice too.

Today I did some repairs at daughter Helen's unit. She is soon moving into a beachside unit with a friend and is going to rent her own unit out. One of the difficult jobs was to replace an exhaust fan in her bathroom as it has died. Kitchen and bathroom appliance manufacturers have this tricky thing where they change the sizes of the 'new' model. Helen's old fan fits neatly into a double-brick wall with a hole of 215mm diameter and the new replacement model is 235mm diameter. I hope to get a suitable alternative fan and if not will have to do some heavy duty masonry with a large hammer. Don't like that idea!

We had rellies and Helen to lunch yesterday. Drank a few bottles of wine and brought out a cheapo white at $5 a litre. Very nice too, but the label with a large 'BONUS 33%' on it would not be a good look at a restaurant.

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