Sunday, March 9, 2008

Pharmacy drugs

I have just returned from the pharmacy to get an advance on a script for Indocid. I don’t use it anymore but Joan is paining and it looks like she is starting out on the arthritis journey. Years ago I had bad rheumatoid arthritis and went through the whole gamut of treatments ending up having gold injections, which did the job. Going through all the different medications at about three months each took a couple of years and the rheumatologist eventually, reluctantly, suggested gold injections. Hooray!

Whilst I was waiting for the script to be filled a young fellow walked in and asked loudly for a fit kit. A fit kit is a syringe and associated wipes etc for intravenous drug users. It cost $7.50. It made me think of times long gone when it was highly embarrassing to ask for a condom let alone ask for a drug injection kit.

Today I found the home page of author Jackie French. She has written some wonderful stories/books and her page is well worth a long look. Find it here.


Diane said...

Interesting blog. I have a Bigblog and I was wondering if Blogspot is better but I'm having trouble finding my way around. I got your link from keith jackson as I am a past ASOPA student and teacher fromP/NG

Kev said...

Thanks for your comments. I am unsure if Blogspot is better than Bgblog. It is certainly simple to use. Your blog looks good. Were you ever posted to Kerema in the early 60s?