Friday, March 7, 2008

Bali Bombers

Three of the ‘Bali Nine’ have had their death sentences commuted to 20 years in prison. There are still three on Death Row and they of course will be hoping that the Indonesian courts commute their sentences also.

I am just guessing here, but I reckon that this sudden leniency is to placate the Australian public when the same treatment is afforded the Bali bombers.

The Bali bombers have been a bit sorry of late for the deaths of Muslims amongst the 202 death toll.. They specifically excluded foreign infidels from their sorry statement.

Their lawyer has mounted a case showing that the terrorist laws
cannot be implemented retrospectively. They will probably be acquitted and freed.

The bombers also seem to have changed their mind about wanting to be executed. Maybe Abu Bakar Bashir, the Imam of Terror, has given them the word that as martyrs, there aren’t really going to be 70 virgins waiting for each of them. Anyway….do they remain virgins.? Are they like the Magic Pudding and replenish themselves?

I received a speeding ticket in the mail today. Joan was driving and she knew the bluey was on the way. No points lost, but a $75 fine for being 7 kilometres per hour over the speed limit. That goes to show that the previous allowance of 7/8 k over the limit is no longer tolerated. The camera was placed on a very safe section of a four lane main road. RR’ers!

In NSW speed cameras are in permanent, marked locations. People still get busted. Here in W.A. they change location several times a day…usually to a site which has trees in the median strip so that drivers find it difficult to warn oncoming motorists.

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