Tuesday, March 18, 2008

parliamentary broadcast

Not much on TV at 3.30pm today except a couple of soaps and Question Time in federal parliament. Question Time is OK for a few minutes, then I think that there must be a better way of running a country.

The (Fat) Controller of that raggedy bunch is The Speaker. He looks like a rookie teacher trying to control a class of delinquents. Continuous interjections and 'points of order' make his eyes roll back. Poor bugger!

Behind the microphones of both sides of the House sit those members who are obliged to nod in agreement or shake their heads in concert with what is being said. To overcome the noise from both sides, pollies have to repeat their statements often; usually as in 'Mr Speaker, Mr Speaker...the member for Wentworth is a ....'
I wonder whether this carries on to the home where a politician might address his wife similarly. 'Darling, darling, would you please pass the salt.'

Just saw a promo for the British show Midsomer Murders. The promo for the next episode says that it is a 'village gripped with fear'. No wonder, there are at least two murders each episode in this small English village where everyone knows each other. I'd emigrate to Iraq!

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