Thursday, March 27, 2008


The cost of most household appliances and equipment is dropping dramatically as production leaves our shores and moves to China.

Not so for the exhaust fan I had to buy yesterday. This fan was not your regular cut a hole in the ceiling and push the fan into type. It had to fit in a specific sized hole cut through a double brick wall. It ended up costing $181.50 for the fan and a fair bit of mucking around to adapt it to the old wall plate.

This project was part of the work I was doing for our daughter as she prepares her unit for lease. I also fitted a smoke alarm, patched some wall plaster and mixed some paint to cover the patches. Today I will return to replace all the tap washers. She has arranged for a flooring man to visit to replace some damaged boards.

A real estate woman has suggested a weekly rent of $320. for this two bedroom unit. That is a sizable portion of Mr Average bloke's weekly earnings; way out of the range of unemployed on the dole.

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