Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Photos of question time

I took a few snaps of the debates in Question Time today. The pics are from our TV screen, so are not great.

Today's session was relatively calm with very few interjections and guffaws. You will see the members directly behind the Prime minister having the onerous task of staring directly at the TV camera and looking sensible for the whole session. They nod approvingly in unison.
Is that a young Harold Bishop (Neighbours) to the right of the PM?
I still have most of my marbles and can usually fix most things, sort out computer and car problems, do a bit of plumbing and electrical work, do panel and paint on cars etc, but do you think I can get my new DVD recorder to work? The handbook of 135 pages might as well have been written in Cantonese. I am going to have to troll the neighbourhood for a 14 year old boy to set it up for me.

The only solace I have in this problem is that the sales staff at electrical stores moonlight as electronic setteruppers for people like me. I am not alone!

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