Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dupuytren’s Disease

I have this small problem with a lump on my palm which is slowly getting bigger. My cousin has had this problem on both his hands and he has had two operations to remove the lumps and cords which were drawing his fingers back toward his palms making it difficult to grip objects. It is a messy operation and takes a couple of months before full use of the hand is restored.

I am not at the stage that I need surgery yet. Check it out here.

The only good thing about this disease is that it can be genetically linked to the Vikings. Yeah; I’m a plunderer, pillager and all-round bad boy.

Last night my brother, who is divorced, went to a singles party…Dance of the Desperates he calls them. Late in the evening a woman had either a heart attack or a stroke, fell down heavily hitting her head on the concrete. The blokes attempted CPR whilst an ambulance was called. The ambos told them to lay her on her back until they arrived. The blokes vetoed that for some reason or other and kept her on her side. Two ambulances attended and they spent 15 minutes trying to revive her without success. End of party.

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