Monday, March 10, 2008

A reunion

Tomorrow morning I am going to a reunion of Rovers and Rangers. The last time this group were all together was about 47 years ago. There will be a few wrinkles. Years ago a friend who was in the theatre business told me that actors use Preparation H to swell up the wrinkles. I had better dash out in the morning and get a tub.

This afternoon I was viciously attacked in my own backyard. Pruning back our Bougainvillea I was grabbed by a nasty branch and after cutting it with hedge shears it fell on my head. Blood running down my face I desperately extricated myself with a few words of complaint and in bare feet, stepping on several spikes. I reckon Sleeping Beauty had Bougainvillea around the castle. The only saving grace of Bougainvillea is that it is a barricade to fence hopping villains.

Our son continues to be a heavy burden on us. Every week he leans on us for a couple of hundred dollars or more..mostly more. We have set him up in a unit and hoped it would be the start of a new life; but no.

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