Saturday, March 1, 2008


Ficifolia sounds like a swearword, but it is just a type of Gum Tree. This morning we walked at Bibra Lake which has some very nice tracks and many flowering gums.

Gum trees get a bad press in some countries and California seems to have a love/hate relationship with them. Most of the gums we saw on our recent trip to the U.S. were large stately trees.

Around Bibra Lake there is a variety of gums and most are in flower at the moment. Some very large gums are loaded to breaking with white flowers and the bees reckon they are pretty good. The smell of the white flowers reminds me of a chicken coop....not nice!
Some of the other varieties are spindly, but still have nice flowers.

Some pics here where I will not attempt to name the species:

At the entrance to the walking paths there are plastic dog poo bags supplied and most dog owners take them, however it would seem that many people do put their hand in the bag and pick up the steaming log, only to toss it on the ground next to the path. BDO!

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