Monday, May 19, 2008

Another name and shame book

Cherie Blair's soon to be released memoirs is set to stir a few folks up. There were extracts from the book in Sunday's rag. There will be many more extracts leaked as the sales get into gear. I don't know why one would buy the book as the most interesting parts will be released as teasers.

Interestingly there was one paragraph where Cherie tells us that son Leo was conceived on a cold night at Balmoral Castle at a time when she forgot to pack her 'contraceptive equipment'. I wonder what sort of 'contraceptive equipment' a good Catholic girl would pack? I'm guessing it would have been a calendar and a thermometer. It is a pity that the Pope doesn't endorse the use of condoms in places like Africa and Papua New Guinea where AIDS is rife.

Joan had a weekend retreat in Perth along with 126 other gals who are members of Southern Cross Quilters. This is an Internet quilting group which has been going since 1994. She joined in 1995. With 2 days by myself I was going to get in the dancing girls - but I've forgotten the phone number.

1 comment: said...

Maybe the equipment was a bucket for throwing cold water over her companion?