Saturday, May 10, 2008

Blood Bank

After the visit from our 'Back Fence' neighbors Leon and Kay, I got right into the Bougainvillea and cut both of them out. The previous owner of our house had erected some cyclone mesh fencing to support the BV. Wrong! It took hours to cut it out of the mesh and I shed a few ml. of blood. I dragged it all to our trailer and put boots on to squash it down; then off to the tip..... leaving my gloves behind. Bugger! A few more cuts and pricks from those nasty spikes dragging that solid heap of nastiness out of the trailer.

Leon and Kay were impressed though and dropped off a nice bottle of red and a handmade thank you card to thank us for being good neighbors.

Yesterday Joan and I gave blood. I hadn't donated for three years. I was a regular donor until I contracted prostate cancer and the Blood Bank didn't want my blood for the five years after my Radical Prostatectomy and I was clear of all PSA. They have pencilled us in for monthly donations. Joan has made 57 donations in all. Her blood is worth bottling!

Tomorrow we have friends visiting from N.S.W. We first met Dick and Pam in Papua when we were teaching at Popondetta. In the last 33 years we have seen them three times. They run a very successful publishing company specialising in company and government reports. They are establishing a branch in Perth to try and cash in on the mineral boom here in the West. They are here for a week and I guess they will be very busy every day recruiting staff, securing office space and drumming up some business. There may be some liquid evenings.

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