Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Yesterday evening we had a visit from our rear neighbors. We have not met them before. I don't think we have even heard them before. It looked a bit ominous when they announced themselves as our 'back fence' neighbors, but it turned out that they were here to ask us if we would mind cutting down a rampant Bougainvillea which grows at a great rate over our adjoining fence into their place. No problems on my part. I hate 'em! I started hacking at it this morning and should have it on the trailer by this afternoon. Bougainvillea flowers look nice, but the thorns and octopus tendrils which snake out and wind their way into our lemon tree give me the N0.2s.

The husband, Leon, had been the Liberal Party Member for the seat of Albany for 19 years and whilst very pleasant seemed like he was capable of rolling out the big guns had we not agreed to cut back the BV.

I asked him if he had known Homer White in Albany. Of course he did, as did almost every resident of Albany. Homer was a leading light in the town's museum. Homer was in the U.S. Navy stationed at the Fremantle Submarine base during WW2. He was billeted in the same house as my parents when I was just a whippersnapper. After the war he returned to Fremantle to marry his local sweetheart, then moved to Darwin where he ran a jewellery shop and after many years settled in Albany. He passed away a few years ago.

Got a full day today. There is the BV to remove, bottling a ginger beer brew and visiting a friend, John, in care. Another mate is joining me to see John and we will take a couple of bottles of beer and sit with him in the garden for a couple of hours.

Martin report: He seems to be in good spirits and active.

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