Saturday, May 17, 2008

good news

Bro-in-law Mike had his deep brain stimulation electrodes activated yesterday. The initial voltage is very low and in three weeks he will get an increase...steady as she goes. Both Mike and Dorothy believe it has already made a difference to his violent dyskinesia. Bodes well for the successive increases in voltage over the coming weeks.

Our visitors from the eastern seaboard have gone home. I drove them to the airport yesterday. They had a successful trip here, making contact with mining companies and quality printers. They have appointed an agent here and now hope that the orders roll in.

It is said that fish and visitors go off after three days. Not so with Dick and Pam. Great stories and lots of laughs. I introduced them to Seven Periods with Mr Gormsby, a NZ TV show.Link Hilarious! It can be seen on ABC2 Thursday nights at 10pm. It is about a NZ high school, its Headmaster and Staff and the rough class of 5F. Here is a Gormsby review.

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