Sunday, May 4, 2008

Better times ahead?

This morning I went to the tip (landfill site). Earlier I picked up a huge old TV from our son Martin’s place and that joined about eight printers and five computer monitors in a futile attempt at making methane gas. I am amazed at how much non-fermentable gear is amongst the landfill.

I am embarrassed at having to dump such stuff, but as I have said before, it is almost impossible to find a business which separates plastic from metal etc. It just isn’t cost effective at this stage.

Whilst unloading my trailer another car pulled up along side mine and a boy about 5 years of age got out and said loudly..’I like the smell of fresh air!’ Wonder where he lives?

Martin is a changed man. Clean, well dressed, shaved and the unit is looking good. He claims that he is a new man. We hope so. I don’t think he is yet able to resume work.
We do not want to buy him another car yet as he will be costing us petrol and associated costs. We have bought almost every car he has owned and all of them ended up wrecked or sold off in poor condition. Transport is a problem if he gets a job closer to the city. His (our) unit is in a southern suburb, Orelia. We bought there because of value for money. The down side is getting to work on public transport is a bit difficult. At the moment he is on the dole and has a Commonwealth Health Care card which gives him his pharmaceuticals and transport at heavily discounted rates. That is something that stops as soon as he is employed

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