Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Gordon Ramsay et al

The Pommy chef, Gordon Ramsay is soon to land in Aus. Already there are restaurants lining up for his critical assessment. I am unsure why any restaurant would let him in the front door. It seems that most of them get a real caning from Gordon. He has a un-gentle manner with his critique peppered with expletives of the F word kind. Viewers seem to like people who use profanity on TV or the stage. Billy Connelly is adored by fans who lap up his naughty words.

Personally, I reckon people who watch such shows are just waiting to hear the F word. If I used it on the train I would be told to shut up. Bill Cosby managed to be very funny without resorting to profanity. There are still comedians who can do a great job without swearing...Garrison Keillor for one.

Avid motor sport fans watch the race in the hope of seeing a monster crash. Footy fans love the biffo of the game. I guess Ramsay's fans get the same sort of thing from him.

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Kev said...

It would seem that Bill Cosby has been a very bad boy. So my assessment of him on the basis of his lack of public profanity was incorrect. Kev