Thursday, May 29, 2008

PSA levels

Alan Bond the 'disgraced' entrepreneur is back in business and has cracked the BRW (Business Review Weekly) rich list. That's pretty amazing work on Bondy's part because he emerged from his stay in prison with nothing but the clothes that he stood up in. Methinks he had a fat lot of cash salted away from his creditors. I don't know that for sure, but I'm willing to bet that 90% of Western Australians also think that Bondy was telling porkies when he tearfully claimed he was broke.

A good friend, Haddon, had some good news yesterday. His PSA has dropped from 26 down to 19 after starting his second round of chemo. His prostate cancer operation (radical prostatectomy) failed to get all the cancer and he has had slowly increasing levels of PSA showing a progression of the disease. He has tried a number of treatments, some alternative and some orthodox. We hope this downward trend continues.

Joan returned to the classroom. No she isn't doing relief teaching, but yesterday went to Helen's school and talked to her kids about breadmaking and made some bread. The kids made butter by agitating cream in film contaners containing a marble. It sort of worked and they wolfed down the fresh bread. She is doing a repeat today with another group of kindy kids.

They were also entertained by a visit by Farmer Mick who brought a menagerie of animals for the kids to touch and learn about.

I had a frustrating time trying to set up a broadband connection for a friend's disabled son. On Sunday I drove to Cloverdale confident of a plug and play connection. No such luck! The modem didn't want to get up. We talked to the ISP and got nowhere. We changed modems and I tried again on Monday. Still no joy.

Time to seek help from the Guru, Rob. Problem was that the modem was bought from a retail computer store and wasn't configured for his set-up. Rob (who is a high school IT man) configured the modem and tonight I will give it another go. I recently set up my brother's connection with a modem supplied by his ISP. That modem was set up by them and it was a goer as soon as I plugged it in.

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