Sunday, May 25, 2008


We buy a weekly Lotto ticket on Saturday. Occasionally we pick up a few dollars with three and a sup, but mostly get only a few numbers out of the 108 on the 18 game ticket. A few years ago we did win $1100. Yesterday's effort was pathetic...see the ticket. Reading up on the statistics of players and winners it seems that a Saturday night winner has a chance of 1 in 8,145,627 of getting the winning six numbers. That's about the same odds as our house being hit by a 747 trying to land at Jandakot regional airport.

Helen has talked with the agents of the beachside unit she is in at the moment and it seems that the whole block is owned by a mining company and they want the current tenants out to house their own people. We inspected another two bedroom unit yesterday. It is about 200 metres from the beach, in quite poor condition at $400 per week. The agent opened it for just 15 minutes and there were about 12 prospective tenants all eager. On Monday she will arrange to view the unit before making an application. The application must be accompanied by a $400 option fee.

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