Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Martin phoned yesterday. He was going to come today to make some job applications because he doesn't have the internet. Fine. We rearranged our calendars (yep, retirees still need one) so that one of us would be home all day. He didn't come and we didn't get a phone call to explain why.

Helen phoned this evening. She wasn't successful in renting the unit she looked at last weekend and was feeling really frazzled. She feels overwhelmed with the responsibility of finding a place that will be acceptable to her flatmate and her flatmate's partner without their input (they work on a mine site and only get back every three weeks or so). Her flatmate is due back early next week and is going to do some searching while she is here. Helen now plans to take a week or so off from house hunting to concentrate on the student reports she has to write.

We would like some good news.

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