Tuesday, June 24, 2008

internet hoaxes and chain letters

I have just received, along with 18 others, a well meaning warning about a most virulent virus circulating throughout the world which if opened will immediately destroy your computer hard drive. I have seen it before and even if it were true it wouldn't worry our Macs. It is, as usual, a hoax. See...http://www.snopes.com/computer/virus/invitation.asp

Snopes is a web page which debunks all those stories and urban myths out there in cyber space. I am unsure why people don't bookmark Snopes and refer to it before passing on those bits of BS to all and sundry. This one, like lots of others came from a relative, so it is not easy to tell them that they are being silly. This relly also sends me quite a few of the 'Pass this on to 12 friends within 4 days and get a wonderful surprise' chain letters. I can wear them, but not the implied warning that bad luck will befall me if I don't.

Today I also went and looked at a cheap car for our son. I need to drive it before making an offer to buy. I was unable to drive it because another car had blocked it in and the owner was not at home. Tomorrow maybe.

Martin went to look at a job on Sunday. He was told it was forklift driving and delivery of goods. It turned out that there was heavy lifting involved and his back problem (ankylosing spondilitis) would not allow him to do the required work. A cheap reliable car will give him more options...we hope.

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