Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Living with Lewy Body

I have just read most of a blog written by a woman describing the last 5 months of caring for her father's last stages of Lewy Body Disease. It could be a textbook for other carers. She refers to her father and the disease as 'Lewy'. It is a story of care and love and in the earlier stages, some humour. It can be seen here.

Our friend John has Lewy Body Disease and he has/is displaying the same symptoms as those written about by Pauline. Last week John lapsed into academic mode and grabbed a bundle of notes from a visitor to the nursing home. It seems that the visitor goes daily to feed and visit his wife who has had a major stroke. While he was feeding his wife it seems that John casually walked in to her room and grabbed six months' worth of study notes and vanished down a hallway, probably to mark them as a university lecturer. The man is still very angry and the notes have not been found. When Joy, John's wife, searched his room trying to find the missing notes she found some other papers belonging to the front desk.

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