Thursday, June 5, 2008

I'm not losing it yet!

Well, after three trips up to Cloverdale to try and get an internet connection set-up for a colleague's disabled son I have just heard that the father called Telecom out to see what the problem was and they determined it was interference from the security system.

I noticed that there was a security system and asked if there was a filter in the line and Paul told me that the system was not yet activated.

It seems that it was up and running and the cameras were probably recording a couple of silly buggers making multiple unsuccessful attempts to connect to the net. Paul will get the security firm back to do their job and call me to set up his mail program and secure the Mac so that his son cannot get into the system and trash anything.

The reason they have a security system is that Paul, Clint's step father, wants to monitor Clint and his carers from their own computer at home.

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