Thursday, June 12, 2008

We have some good news

Helen, our daughter has been in a 'tizzie' of late. She says she is depressed about a number of things especially her failure to secure a dwelling to move to after getting the eviction notice from her beachside unit. There have been tears shed. Methinks there is a little more to it than accommodation......... Boyfriend!

She is feeling a little fragile about being 38 years of age and not having a stable relationship, marriage and kids. Her boyfriend is a bit of a #$$@ and only turns up when he wants a bit of company.

Anyway, this morning Helen rang us and told us that she was frazzled by the House-hunt thing and asked if I could do a search for her. 'Of course, of course'. I looked at one two-story townhouse and Joan went with me to look at the exterior of another townhouse. We rang her and left a message on her phone saying she should visit us after work and we would show her the two town houses we had sussed out. She turned up quite negatively and had all the external appearance of someone about to slash the wrists. When we were driving to look at the first townhouse, she received a phone call from the agent handling one of the units she missed out on before and got the news that she had been successful and could now have the unit. I don't think that Helen and Mum and Dad have had such good news in a long time.

We think that all is well in accommodation land. Next comes the move.

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