Sunday, June 22, 2008

Helen has moved!

Helen, our daughter has moved into her new unit. The rent is $520 per week and she is sharing with another couple who work on mine sites up North of the state. We had a few hours of packing and transporting 'smalls' from their old Cottesloe beach unit. Glad that is over.

The co-tenants, Dave and Marcia, have been living at Cottesloe for the last ten years and have collected heaps of junk some of which I helped transport to the new unit. Most of it was trashy stuff especially for a classy unit in South Perth, but Kev thought it better that I say nothing at this stressful time. Is there anything more stressful than having to move over two days?

This morning I successfully set up a computer for Clint, a profoundly disabled 43 year old bloke. He loves footy and does his footy tipping by email. I will leave a browser, Firefox of course, and his email programme, Eudora, on the desktop and hide everything else away so that he can't get into the system and foul things up. He also likes looking at a few girlie sites.....don't blame the poor bugger!

Our son Martin went to check out a job today....fork lift and delivery driver. It is only for two weeks as the regular man damaged his foot by dropping a pallet of goods on it. Even thinking about that grabs my testicles. He has the use of a Falcon 4 litre auto car with bad brakes and that will use up most of his pay just getting to and fro from work. We have decided that if he is to get work we should buy him yet another car which will run on the smell of an oily rag. I checked out the car market today and most of the small cars have been sold at first light. Plenty of V8s out there. The car yards are full of them. I remember the oil 'crisis' in the late 70s when people were setting fire to their V8s.

We have purchased all but one of Martin's cars and all have been sold off for peanuts.

When we get down about our son we tend to hope that things will ( and they could), get better. At least our son, and us, don't have as many problems as Clint and his parents.

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That's a lot of money to waste on rent. Paul.