Thursday, June 19, 2008


The gas/fuel crisis here is almost wartime-like. The Premier, Alan Carpenter, did a 'fireside' chat ala FDR to plead with householders to cut back on energy use. It is starting to seem like the gas pipeline which burst was in poor condition with heavy corrosion. It has also been 'leaked' by someone that government inspectors hadn't been able to inspect it regularly because of staff shortages. This facility on isolated Varanus Island has been in operation for more than 20 years.

The state has had to dip into the RAN's reserves of diesel fuel on Garden Island and a bit of commercial piracy is grabbing parts of diesel shipments to other states. The premier is talking in terms of up to six months to get things back on track and many businesses (employers) are looking at temporary closure. I bet the wood-fired tile fires are going to make a comeback.

I could sure do with a nice big heater this morning.

Daughter Helen has done her kindergarten reports for her two groups. The reports are quite interesting and part of an anonymous report can be viewed here.

Times have changed. Kindy kids are being taught things. It is no longer wiping noses and rest times.

Petrol prices are still rising despite the Saudis increasing production. Here is my fuel gauge.

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