Sunday, June 15, 2008

Full circle

The gas 'crisis' in Western Australia is starting to bite. This morning's Sunday Times newspaper has a headline of 'Leave or be Axed'. That is not quite what it sounds like. In the sub-heading it goes on to say that workers are being urged to take leave to avoid being sacked. The Sunday Times really is a rag.

Never-the-less the recent gas pipe explosion on Varanus Island has cut our supplies by 30% affecting all sorts of industries. Home owners are being urged to conserve gas/power by taking short showers and rugging up to avoid using heaters. It will be about three months before the pipeline can be recommissioned and the state government is recommissioning two coal fired power stations with a run-up time of about six weeks. In the past we have been urged to do away with polluting wood burning tile fires in our houses and go gas. I bet there a quite a few houses with such fires all snug as a bug in a rug now. I wonder how people in the northern hemisphere are going to exist when oil starts to run out? Not a lot of winter sun for solar panels up there!

The other full circle thing I thought about yesterday was the old Volkswagen beetle. When we owned one in the 60s, some owners were a little ashamed of its exhaust note and many had exhaust systems manufactured to give their VW a regular engine sound. Today the Subaru WRX has a hotted up VW engine and owners want the old VW sound. I'm guessing that flares will make a return soon.

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